Cosmos price predictions: Will the ATOM cryptocurrency reach new heights?

With the cryptocurrency market seeing the number of coins available grow, prices are expected to rise again, effectively making it a good time to invest in ATOM. The sale of Cosmos has been happening throughout June and July, and as it continues through August traders can expect a price increase as well. Some experts believe that since Cosmos is gaining traction among mainstream investors that they’ll be worth fifty-thousand per BIN (blockchain industry standard unit), which would make them one of the top cryptocurrencies on Earth — reaching an impressive $9 billion in value.

The price predictions aren’t just limited to what could happen once the crypto market starts circulating more coins like Cosmos. There is also a prediction that the coin will be worth two-hundred-and-fifty dollars by 2020, which would make for an effective forty-percent increase in value (from June). Whether or not this is a realistic goal remains to be seen, but with the crypto market becoming more and more popular there should be no shortage of investors looking to invest in ATOM.

Cosmos Price Predictions

This coin has seen somewhat of a meteoric rise in its value since it was first announced in June. Based on what happened during the initial sale, there is a possibility that after August the price may increase even further. As with any investment, traders must be sure they know what they are getting into. So while the coin may get even more popular, at this point there is no telling how profitable it can be. Still, some traders are confident there will be an increase in value once September rolls around and plenty of new investors enter the market. It’s no secret that ATOM has been making waves within the crypto community ever since it was announced as one of the three cryptocurrencies to be included in Cosmos’ ICO.

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a blockchain-based platform aiming to connect the aforementioned different blockchains. In addition, it plans to create friendly environments for dApps to thrive. If that isn’t enough, it will also include a toolkit so users can easily interact with these various networks. Cosmos technology is built off Tendermint, which is an open-source consensus algorithm. It has been designed to be able to handle millions of transactions per second so it can easily scale as more people join in on the cryptocurrency frenzy. With such specs, it’s no wonder why Cosmos was recently ranked among the top fifteen most valuable cryptocurrencies (based on its market cap).

The ICO Sale of Cosmos

As mentioned earlier, there will only be one billion coins available for distribution. The sale started with a batch of one million coins and through that initial sale, it managed to gather six thousand dollars.

How was the Cosmos project launched?

The project was first announced back in April 2017, when Naveen Jain (Co-founder of zip zap) announced the creation of a new IT company known as “Cosmos Foundation.” Based on his past work experience with Blockchain, he wanted to create something similar.

What is the purpose of the Cosmos project?

The project serves several different purposes. For one, its main goal is to create a platform that can act as a way for people to transfer money across multiple blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it will include a flexible system so users can create their dApps and communicate with other tokens as well. Finally, there will also be an app store where users can download various applications and use them whenever they want.

What is the price of Cosmos?

Cosmos is currently valued at $4.6 billion. The initial coin offering was conducted in three separate stages between April and June 2017 and raised funds totaling $160 million (USD). As of right now, there are two methods to purchase the coins: via ATOM or BTC. Still, there seems to be some room for further growth as the coin’s value stands at $0.80 per token — an increase from June’s $0.70 per token.

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