Does Telegram want to integrate web3 in the app? this says its founder

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, wants to integrate nothing more and nothing less than web3 into the messaging application.

This is because Durov is surprised by the TON project, which is an independent project that is not affiliated with Telegram, and how it is used for domain name auctions.

Therefore, Telegram can replicate the TON auction in the app by placing custom usernames, groups and channel links in the auction on the blockchain, just like NFTs.

Now let’s get into details, blockchain based domain name systems have found popularity with Unstoppable Domain recently achieving unicorn status.

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So, should Telegram decide to go ahead with this move, custom link NFTs could be another way to earn revenue besides ads and subscription services.

Blockchains on Telegram.

The founder of Telegram indicated that the platform is inclined to try TON as a blockchain due to its familiarity with the technology.

Currently the chat app allows users to send tocoins to each other directly within the app.

So, an NFT-based marketplace seems to be the likely next step for web3 integration.

However, this type of business on Telegram comes with notable blockchain hiccups.

It is far from being a novelty for Telegram as in 2018 the company explored plans for the Telegram Open Network blockchain project and a mega initial coin offering.

After Telegram stopped working on TON, various independent groups continued development with Toncoin getting the backing of Pavel Durov and winning the rights to the website during 2021.

However, the founder of Telegram has tried to make it clear that the company is not directly involved with the project.

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