Ethereum Co-Founder Targeted Bitcoin Maximalists

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin condemned A BTC maximalist, specifically MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, has called him the “Total Clown,” referring to the latter’s comments that Ethereum is “intrinsically unethical.”

In a YouTube video, Thaler characterized all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin as lacking good ethical and “biblical” foundations.

The chief executive argued that the foundation of securities law is the decalogue, a set of ethical and worship-related values ​​based on scripture.

Thaler explains why he disagrees with the popular argument that securities laws are outdated. That is the basis of law. ”

In response, Buterin wrote, “Why do maximalists keep choosing heroes who turn out to be complete clowns?”

Ethereum Co-Founder Targets Bitcoin Maximalist 3

Thaler previously classified Ethereum as a security, citing the background that it was issued through an initial coin offering. [ICO]hard forks, management, etc.

In a speech at the Blockchain Economy Summit in Istanbul, the head of MicroStrategy criticized Ethereum on the eve of its Merge update.

He said institutional investors would love to see a finished version of the protocol that works for 5-10+ years without hacking. A major upgrade at the Merge level will provide new opportunities for hackers, he added.

The Ethereum Community Reminded Thaler About His History With The SEC

He also said that while the principles of Bitcoin issuance and mining will be determined in the next 1000 years, changes in cryptocurrency monetary policy are inevitable.

Thaler also claimed ethereum The next three years could be volatile.

The Ethereum community quickly reacted to him by recalling that an avid Bitcoin supporter was accused of securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. [SEC] It dates back to 2000.

Thaler should mention that he paid the fine to settle with the regulator without admitting or denying the accusations. It is said to have artificially increased its value.

Thaler famously lost a record-breaking $6 billion in a single day after his falsely booked earnings were exposed.

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