Mailchimp: crypto pros persona non grata

The emailing platform Mailchimp makes the sorting among its users by targeting accounts related to the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies. The rest of his hacking and ofphishing attacks ?

Professionals and companies in the crypto sector regularly complain about the account closure or banning policies applied by banks.

They now also have a bone to pick with the emailing platformsamong which Mailchimpone of the most used in the world. Several market players, including Messari and Decrypthave thus seen their accounts closed without notice.

Accounts closed without notice or explanation

“Thank you for removing some of the most reputable brands in crypto from your platform over the past 48 hours, rages the founder of Messari, Ryan Selkis.

The firm’s marketing director also denounces a ban without warning whose consequences are by no means painless. Indeed, this decision results in the loss of access to the lists of subscribers, hosted on Mailchimp.

However, these companies are not the first to be affected. Testimonies on Twitter mention numerous account suspensions in the last two weeks.

According to a source interviewed by RoyalsBlue.comthe practice was actually already in effect since at least July. The latter, a blockchain expert, was already unable to use Mailchimp’s services at that time.

Crypto and blockchain under control in emailing

But the platform is not the only one to be particularly harsh on players in blockchain and crypto solutions. Another reference service, Sendinblueapplies restrictions as part of its anti-spam policy.

According to research by our colleagues DecryptThey are also persona non grata, Mailchimp had resorted to bans in 2018. The platform specified that its service did not allow the production, sale, exchange, storage or marketing of crypto-currencies.

Nevertheless, crypto content was among the categories tolerated, subject to conditions. Sendinblue applies equivalent rules. The French Next40 startup classifies these topics among those requiring to contact its customer service.

Mailchimp hacked and Intuit targeted by a complaint

On the other hand, content referring to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is explicitly prohibited – as are all those related to Forex or debt collection, for example.

These filters filters decided by the emailing platforms aim above all at preventing the use of their services by malicious usersfor spam or the phishing for example. Since April, these practices have earned Intuit, owner of Mailchimp, a class action complaint.

Earlier this month, the email service had been the victim of a computer intrusion. The attackers had gained access to user data, including the publisher of the crypto wallet Trezor. They were able to trick subscribers with phishing emails.

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