Nhi Nash Holdings, Inc – Creates Positive Disruptions With

New York, NY, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “NHI NASH HOLDINGS INC” (NHI) The Parent Company based in NY, has launched “NASH GOLD LLC” & “NASH GOLD” coins (NGC) a future valued digital coin and has merged with Geoffrey Williams of “Daltok GP Capital, LLC” with expanding “Daltok-Nash co-GP Fund”.  The fund risk strategies require approval by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as planned. Having multiple Positive Disruptions that are unique and will make optimistic impacts. View at:  www.nashholdingsinc.com and www.nashcoins.net 

About NASH GOLD, LLC & NASH GOLD Digital Coin ICO: Nash Gold LLC is the management of our digital coin. Nash Gold LLC is a subsidiary of NHI Nash Holdings, Inc. the parent Company.  

NHI has devised an incredible multipronged digital currency strategy plan. Foreseeing a revolutionary blockchain digital economy and a unique distinctive planned ICO (initial coin offering).  The digital coins are branded simply Nash Gold Coins (NGC) and “Nash Gold Stable Coins” (NGSC). Tapping into the 2.1 quadrillion Tech market of the Global Token Exchange, with anticipation NGC, an offering exclusively designed for convenience and participation of the global users. Creating an unshakeable multi-force that will positively impact the financial world. 

NGC and the co-GP Fund creates many “positive disruptions” with the ICO algorithm mind and mining profit formulas based on Austrian Economics with strict adherence to methodological individualism. Before listing NGC on trusted exchanges  the Company is offering direct discount option via Operating Ownership Agreements starting at one cent/penny for upto 250 million NGCs in the first bracket. These NGCs may be transferred to the public market exchanges or remain in the NGC Back Force Mind & Mining profit plan with three other options to increase value and later can be transferred to the trusted public market exchanges if one chooses.

NGC coin owners will transact, earn, and participate in the trusted vast pool of the growing tokenization economy. Utilizing the NHI computer science team that NGCs will enable the user with foolproof tools for their success by investing in NGC. Navigating the “Global ICO Exchange Market” NGC is surefire the user will change their financial destiny anticipated by means of NGC ownership anticipated for a long time. Both NGC and NGSC are the products of years of research with NHI financial and crypto economy specialists. View at www.nashcoins.net 

Enjoying an exclusive trusted blockchain technology, all the transactions of the NGCs and NGSCs will be settled and processed in its secondary layer and unique lightning-fast network throughout the NHI International Banking Network to come. New compliance by the U.S. FED with its launch of  www.iso20022.org this year, added strict regulations to assist world citizens to a fair digital asset playing field and stand against the BAD ACTORS getting away with crypto scams for too long.  We are in full support with the U.S. FED, U.S. SEC, SWIFT.com, Central Banks, etc.  With NHI plans for valuation, utilities, management and a new computer science department, thus exposing the NGC owners to anticipated profits. It is why NHI are in a work horse mode and NHI team is a force. NGC includes an international affilate plan for worldwide affiliates that want to join and succeed with NHI, earning NGC rewards and other bonuses.
Developing a designated trusted blockchain and market disrupter archetype, our anticipated NGSC will become a Seigniorage stable coin. Backed by the hardest dualistic asset portfolio in its first layer that gains its value subjectively by the community of its users’ and their equitable value-perception, using market information at each spot to access the value of portfolio value of the bilateral hard trusted money assets pegged to, rather than sheer speculations-inflationary malfunctions of profiteers-abusers and BAD ACTORS. NHI support all governments that are assisting to protect its citizens assets via U.S. FED ISO20022. 

NHI has recently merged with one of the highest grade institutional sector of Wall street funds, “Daltok-Nash co-GP Fund” with the required U.S. FED approvals for its synthetic risk transfer strategies as planned. Creating positive disruption like no other fund in the high grade institutional sector. Another positive disruption is allowing small to large investors inside the fund as a co-GP Partner, via  Nash GP Capital LLC. NHI anticipates to transfer some of our future NGC and NGSC assets to increase our corporate stake inside the Daltok-Nash co-GP fund and next co-GP fund Nash Gold LLC co-GP Fund Q4 2022.  Administration of our Funds co-GP side are in-house as well as management fo a fund of funds. All assets are required to be held in a top 10 U.S. Institutional Bank for custodial purposes compliant to the U.S. FED, NHI utilizes Morgan Stanley Investment Bank for this purpose. All assets are transparent to the U.S. FED through our back office.  NHI Funds will show any business owners how they can increase their revenues with the structured private equity fund plans of the highest-grade institutional fund sector.

Owning the fund together as a group our co-GP Partners together can anticipate to share in large structural fee returns of the fund planned at 5X to 10X ROI in a 5-year lockup with quarterly distributions and 5-year renewals. NGC owners can also enter the co-GP Funds which is another NHI positive disruption and brings additional future value to NGC digital coin.

About NASH HOLDINGS INC ( NHI ):At NHI, the company pursues a serious vision to make the world a better place to live and work. NHI anticipates a new Gold Investment Program worldwide with Indonesian Royals with plans started in spring of 2022 and may become another digital coin as well.  NHI in the past was one of the first companies in the nation to file with the U.S. Congressional JOBS ACT filed with the U.S. SEC but, expired-withdrew its filing in 2022. NHI is a past 2012-2015 Featured Gold Member Company with Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) and  Commit!Forum, events, with Fortune 500 CEO’s held in past years at the NYSE EURONEXT & NASDAQ  including “Closing Bell Ceremonies” on the trading floor. NHI is registered with START-UP in NY State with NY JOBS NOW. NHI stands against crime, bad actors, discrimination of any form and has a respected reputation and track record of assisting in conviction of Bad Actors.

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Second ICO Round Now Open to The

Dover, DE, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaBlaze is heating up this week. With its ongoing mint of MetaGoblin NFTs, the blockchain gaming company opens the second round of its crypto presale today, May 31. As of this writing, MetaBlaze has raised over $2.1M during its ICO(Initial Coin Offering). The recent round reached its hard cap in just 3 short days with nearly 2,000 holders. The MetaBlaze founding team has been KYC’d by leading Blockchain Security Company, Certik.

What is MetaBlaze (MBLZ)

MetaBlaze is a blockchain gaming company building a new standard in the web 3 world. MetaBlaze differentiates from other blockchain gaming projects through its convergence of key elements from two of the fastest-growing crypto categories, GameFI (Gaming Finance) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). 

MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token is a deflationary, multi-chain crypto coin built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain. Holders of MBLZ earn two streams of passive income through MetaBlaze’s Metaflection and BlazeReward mechanisms. MBLZ token has versatile functionalities and is designed to serve as the native currency within its gaming metaverse.

dApp (Decentralized Application)

The MetaBlaze ecosystem revolves around its dApp (Decentralized Application), known as “BlazedApp.” The BlazedApp is an intelligent decentralized application serving as a bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain. 

BlazedApp offers users a variety of features, such as access to the Blaziverse, a club membership to a 50-level strategy NFT game where you can stake your tokens and earn MBLZ, NFTs, and BUSD rewards. BlazedApp is home to Web 3’s first working ground for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In the Blazelands, an ecosystem NFT can be employed and generate revenue for its boss (owner). 

The dApp also provides storage solutions for crypto assets and keeps records of their corresponding Blazepoints usable within its crypto ecosystem. MetaBlaze will introduce a unique NFT rental system, enabling additional passive income opportunities for non-gamers, and enhancing accessibility for gamers.

Holding MBLZ tokens generates income in two different forms of crypto: MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) and Binance Coin (BNB). However, holders of MBLZ tokens can connect to BlazedApp and swap their Binance Coin rewards for any other crypto coin that exists on the Binance Smart Chain.

AI-Driven Price Stabilization Mechanism and Blockchain Bridge

BlazedApp runs off a smart contract and works with the MBLZ token smart contract using AI to stabilize prices. The AI will look at the market value and circulating supply to ensure the prices stay stable. If someone sells a lot of tokens, the AI will automatically deploy a buyback to keep the price stable. The dApp also serves as the bridge to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for seamless integration of the multi-chain crypto coin: MetaBlaze (MBLZ).

Play to Earn RPG

BlazedApp will be the primary access point to MetaBlaze’s upcoming major p2e game. In this blockchain-powered game, players will take control of mystical creature NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These creatures will battle against each other to control the metaverse and sustain life for their species. The game will be AAA quality, meaning extremely high quality and polished. The fantasy-themed creatures are incredibly advanced with cybernetic enhancements and advanced consciousness.

Benefits of Buying in a Crypto ICO

Buying crypto coins during a presale offers several benefits to investors. Purchase coins at lower price points. Buying crypto in a presale avoids any imposed buy tax common to Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. Lastly, presale crypto investors are often rewarded with bonus tokens as a token of appreciation to early investors.

During the ongoing MetaBlaze ICO round, the current presale price is $0.000095, with a 5% MBLZ token bonus issued per presale transaction. The official exchange listing price is set at $0.0002 and is scheduled for early July.

How to Buy MBLZ During the Crypto Presale

To buy MetaBlaze Tokens during the ongoing crypto presale, visit the Metablaze website.

Click “Buy MBLZ,” which will redirect you to the MetaBlaze Launchpad. go through the simple registration process and create your account and follow the simple payment process. Accepted currencies during the crypto presale are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin.

Visit the website to learn more about the MetaBlaze ecosystem and join the MetaBlaze channel on Telegram to chat with the founding team.  

MetaBlaze Links: https://linktr.ee/METABLAZE 



MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company with a multi-chain cryptocurrency token, MBLZ, built on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain. MetaBlaze merges popular elements of DeFi and GameFi to create a synergistic ecosystem of web 3 technologies.

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SBI Coin, The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Trading

Tokyo, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SBI Coin, a self-developed digital currency trading platform, has been online and operating safely for five years.

Digital currencies are experiencing a “cold winter” as the Federal Reserve continues its aggressive “tapering”. According to CoinMarketCap, the entire cryptocurrency market lost more than $500 billion in value last week alone, and many individual cryptocurrency investors are experiencing a similar dilemma to that of 519 in 2021, making it crucial for investors to choose a cryptocurrency trading platform with stable trading, stopping loss in time and safe. The reporter recently learned from SBI (sbicoin.com) that its new SBI Coin trading service system was put online and used the technical iteration optimization on April 30. This will effectively realize the free switching trading of various digital assets such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Dogecoin, providing a more secure and reliable environment for digital currency trading.

The reporter learned that SBI Coin has been dedicated to the service of cryptocurrency trading since its establishment in May 2017 and has always maintained a high growth rate. Today, it has grown into one of the most popular digital currency trading service platforms, providing a series of cryptocurrency trading services such as Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, Dogecoin, etc., for millions of users in 100 countries and regions around the world. It gives users a differentiated service of safe and reliable, free trading, low spreads and high leverage, multi-language support, and 7×24 hours online throughout the year.

SBI Coin, The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Creating a New Generation of Intelligent Trading System

A safer and more secure trading environment

Most digital crypto trading platforms currently offer multiple security protections for users and investors, such as dual login authentication, PGP encrypted email communication, email or SMS alerts, etc., but this pales in comparison to the ever-evolving technology. No matter how sophisticated the technology is, there are still times when hackers can exploit it. Therefore, it is vital to have a contingency mechanism for security incidents.

Different trading platforms have different approaches to this problem. For example, Firecoin and Cryptocurrency have set up risk funds to deal with security incidents, but risk funds are ultimately a product of centralization.

SBI Coin starts with professional security network security issues. It builds a strong protection system and implements enhanced security level measures by simulating risks such as data leakage and capital theft to ensure that customers’ assets are safe and stable.

More stable trading environment and low spreads and high leverage 

Cryptocurrency users spread all over the world. When the market fluctuates, platforms often have to deal with millions of traffic in a short period of time. In order to cope with extreme market conditions, SBI Coin has developed a more responsive and dynamic scaling technology, which allows it to expand its server resources more quickly to cope with the impact of heavy traffic when a big market comes. As a result, SBI Coin’s trading service can still run at high speed when other trading platforms lagging or disconnected during extreme market conditions.

The SBI Coin platform allows for small trades of around $10 and multiples of leverage against account balances, enabling small amounts of capital to be leveraged into large investments with the lowest spreads in the industry. At the same time, to help users manage their own risk, SBI Coin has also introduced a “Immediately Executable Price Range” to help investors stop losses in time and minimize risk.

SBI Coin, a self-developed digital currency trading platform, has been online and operating safely for five years. In the future, SBI Coin insists on its mission to provide a safer, more reliable, more efficient, more convenient, and more stable cryptocurrency trading system environment for new users.

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Bitcenter is the safest platform for trading money in

London, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitcenter is offering its services with the help of qualified crypto experts and trained professionals who help the users to learn before they invest in the world of forex trading and cryptocurrency. The main aim of Bitcenter is to make crypto trading safe and secure for its users. The increasing buoyancy of people in cryptocurrency is good but the investment grows when it is safe. Without safety, the users not only lose the money but also feel disheartened and never trade again in cryptocurrency.

  • 2020 and 2021 were the most vibrant years in the history of cryptocurrency and forex. Because the trust and interest of people touched the highest possible percentage. Last year a global increment of 100% has been observed in forex trading and cryptocurrency. This sudden rise in crypto adoption certainly needs safe and sound platforms for people through which they can invest their money without being afraid of fraud and also get proper support from experienced professionals in the crypto world. 
  • There are many platforms that you can use for trading your money in cryptocurrency and forex. But only a few platforms offer useful features and make the overall trading experience amazing for both the newbies and the regular users. Among these few platforms, Bitcenter is one of the most accepted and favorite trading platforms that instantly got the attention of users because of its uncanny features and tools for trading

Bitcenter: the most reliable platform in terms of security

With more than a hundred thousand positive reviews Bitcenter is ruling the hearts of countless customers as the most trusted website for forex and crypto trading. And now it is coming to the top as a leading platform for crypto investors in the United Kingdom. Most of the new investors do not know about the working principles of crypto and forex. They have investment money that they have earned with hard work and now want to increase their investment by trading in forex. Having no prior knowledge, they get scammed and lose their money most of the time. That is why everyone needs a trusted and safe solution with a reasonable amount of knowledge and communication with experts to gain useful knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.   

  • Bitcenter has appeared intending to ensure that every new user gets the best professional advice from erudite experts and communicates with trained crypto professionals before investing their money. Scams and frauds in crypto trading are common and they discourage the new users from investing their money and trading cryptocurrency in any form. Those who truly want to enter the world of crypto and forex but are afraid of being scammed or fooled by unauthorized platforms should choose Bitcenter. Because according to the business reviews on the website it has been estimated that around 90% of the customers think Bitcenter is the most protected and scam-free trading platform to date. 

After providing perfect security for the user investment Bitcenter offers plenty of other features that most trading platforms lack. Among these were the features include 45 different methods for payment and quick withdrawals and trustworthy and active customer care that also offers instant communication with trading experts. The most spoken feature that has also a major role in making Bitcenter a world-famous platform is the sixteen languages communication system. And to your surprise, you can get a real-time experience by creating your free trial account of $10,000 without investing or submitting any penny to the platform. The sole purpose of this trial account is to teach new users and give them a vital understanding of crypto and forex. And after you learn and gain the confidence you can start your trading by putting your money.

The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency).

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Blockchain Gaming Company Announces Second ICO

Dover, DE, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaBlaze officially announced the opening date of its second ICO phase, set to begin on April 20th at 9 am EST. This presents a final opportunity to purchase MetaBlaze (MBLZ) at lower entry points before listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to buying MetaBlaze (MBLZ) at lower rates, buyers are also rewarded with a 5% token bonus. During this ICO phase, MetaBlaze will also release a collection of high-quality MetaGoblin NFTs that provide a variety of utilities.

NFTs produced by MetaBlaze are based upon the in-game characters within its upcoming Play-to-Earn game. The NFTs are fascinating and boast life-like, hyper-realistic 3D details. NFTs developed by MetaBlaze undergo an extensive creative process which you can get a behind-the-scenes look at in this two-minute video published on the MetaBlaze YouTube account. 

Nearly three weeks ago, MetaBlaze successfully reached its $1.5M hard cap during the first phase, officially bringing the ICO round to a close in a considerably short amount of time. Community growth is perpetual and continually increasing as more crypto enthusiasts learn about MetaBlaze.

What’s an ICO?

Many people believe that the best time to buy into a cryptocurrency is during its ICO, or initial coin offering. This is when the virtual currency is first offered for sale to the public and usually takes place before it is listed on any public exchanges. There are several reasons why this can be an ideal time to buy tokens. First of all, you often buy at a discount during an ICO. In addition, you may also be rewarded with a token bonus for being an early adopter. Finally, holding tokens from a successful ICO can position you to see significant value increases once the currency launches on public exchanges.

Experience optimal Web 3 Earnings

MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company designed for the Metaverse. The company merges GameFi (Gaming Finance) with DeFi(Decentralized Finance) to capture the most exciting elements of web 3 technology. Differentiating MetaBlaze is its multifaceted ecosystem equipped with numerous value-added utilities. These utilities are designed to work in tandem with one another, providing continuous revenue to its economy. The thoughtfully designed ecosystem maximizes usability for gamers, non-gamers, and aids in the development of a robust foundation required to optimize scalability and long-term sustainability. Other value-added utilities worth noting include: BlazeChain, a Metaverse specific Blockchain, virtual Real Estate, reward earnings, staking, and a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell digital assets. For more details about MetaBlaze or register for the ICO visit the MetaBlaze Website

* * *


Designed for the Metaverse and Web 3 technology. MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company with a multi-chain cryptocurrency token, MBLZ, built on the Binance Smart Chain, and the Ethereum Blockchain. MBLZ is audited by Certik, a leading Blockchain Security Company.

More info:
Website: http://MetaBlazeToken.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/meta_blaze
Telegram: https://t.me/meta_blaze

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Blockchain-Gaming Company, MetaBlaze, Closes First ICO

Dover, DE, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaBlaze announced its first ICO round (Initial Coin Offering) officially closed Friday, March 25th, after successfully reaching the $1,500,000.00 hard cap. MetaBlaze is now preparing to announce the opening of its second ICO round with a hard cap of $2.5M; another opportunity to buy in at discounted rates before listing on public cryptocurrency exchanges expected during the second quarter of this year. Presale participants not only benefit from the lower entry price point but also receive a 5% token bonus when purchasing MetaBlaze tokens (MBLZ) during the presale.

 MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company designed for the Metaverse, merging GameFi (Gaming Finance) with DeFi and capturing the most exciting elements of web 3 technology. GameFi is a category within the crypto space that allows for financial transactions within blockchain-based Play-to-Earn games. GameFi’s disruptive model is revolutionizing the traditional gaming industry by combining blockchain technology, gaming, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to create the newest gaming experience. Play-to-earn is a new dominant gaming model. Instead of just winning or losing, you’re now able to get paid in crypto for engagement, fully own all your digital assets, and even trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

 All Eyes on MetaBlaze and For Good Reason. 

Rising in the spotlight in recent weeks, MetaBlaze has become one of the most highly anticipated cryptocurrency projects of 2022. MetaBlaze is one of few crypto companies that really stand apart from its competition, especially within the GameFi subcategory. Its features are what set them apart, appealing to people all across the world who want more than just another gaming cryptocurrency with no use case outside of its game. 

 What is so different about MetaBlaze? Blockchain gaming needs high-level 3D graphics, and MetaBlaze is bringing it, as seen on the official MetaBlaze Instagram account. They are also bringing passive yields to the Metaverse, and mind-blowing NFTs based on in-game characters with hyper-realistic features. The NFTs developed by MetaBlaze undergo an intricate development process that includes hand-sculpting each character, followed by hand-painted portraits before their digitization. Aside from the aforementioned, MetaBlaze is unlike any other GameFi crypto company in the space because it has something unique that differentiates them from others. Instead of just being another blockchain-based gaming company with NFTs and a digital currency, their approach focuses on creating a multifaceted ecosystem fortified with various value-added utilities designed to work in tandem with one another and provide continuous revenue to its economy. The thoughtfully designed ecosystem maximizes usability for gamers, non-gamers, and aids in the development of a robust foundation required to optimize scalability and long-term sustainability. 

The MetaBlaze Ecosystem includes:

To learn more, visit the MetaBlaze Website or join the public MetaBlaze Telegram channel and chat directly with the core team.

* * *


MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company with a multi-chain cryptocurrency token, MBLZ, built on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain. MetaBlaze is designed for the Metaverse and Web 3 technology.

For More Information:

Official Website: http://MetaBlazeToken.com

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/meta_blaze

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GulfCoin Presale Launched on March 15, 2022 and reached 30M

Manchester, UK, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The presale stage has reached 30 million GulfCoin sales on its first day, with the United Kingdom on top of the buyers` list followed by China, then United Arab Emirates,  GulfCoin is offering its investors one billion coins (10% of total supply).

GulfCoin is a new cryptocurrency supported by multiple projects, including an exchange, trading platform, NFT marketplace, gaming, and more. Created by a visionary team of Arab entrepreneurs and experienced developers from across the world, GulfCoin aims to provide digital payment solutions to all.

Those who buy and hold GulfCoin will enjoy multiple benefits and get a chance to generate passive income. Holders will also be part of the GulfCoin mission to foster blockchain and crypto adoption and usher in an era of financial inclusion.

GulfCoin’s presale has already been listed on top ICO tracking sites Coinsniper and Coin listing. Participants will be able to buy GulfCoin via the project’s website during the presale’s 90 day period.

What Features Make GulfCoin Stand Out?

GulfCoin seeks to offer access to decentralized financial and electronic payment solutions, especially those marginalized from the legacy banking system. Hence, GULF has come up with its biggest project, GULF Cash, a digital payment system at the core of GulfCoin. It is designed to bring digital financial services to the masses. 

The project serves as a secure, fast, and user-friendly payment gateway that facilitates the widespread use of GulfCoin for everyday transactions. Thousands of e-commerce stores, websites, and merchants can leverage GULF Cash to make and receive payments using cryptocurrency.

GulfCoin also integrates a unique one-to-one burning strategy designed to generate value for its holders. The burning mechanism will be applied constantly throughout the ongoing presale; for every GulfCoin a user buys, the protocol will take one coin out of circulation forever.

Unlike other projects with opaque burning strategies, The GULF team promises to implement their burn transparently, offering real data that investors can monitor. 

Another key GulfCoin feature is its limited staking packages tailor-made for community members seeking discounts and extra rewards. The platform offers three limited packages that allow holders to generate passive income for locking their coins for a predetermined period.

The GULF team prioritizes the safety of its users and has passed an audit by German-based smart contract security provider Solidproof.

About GULF Project

GulfCoin is a new crypto project looking to empower the masses to embrace the blockchain revolution by making digital services and facilities accessible to all.

The project launched GulfCoin, a BEP-20 token built by a team of top-notch multinational developers. The dev team is inspired and supported by a visionary team of Arab financiers who sought to create a digital currency to honor the Gulf countries. 

GulfCoin serves as the utility coin of the entire GULF ecosystem that supports multiple projects, including the GULF exchange, blockchain, NFT marketplace, and gaming. To learn more about the project and its native coin, check out the resources below:

­| Website | Telegram | Twitter |  Facebook  || Instagram  | YouTube  |

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EDAC FOUNDATION will launch EDAC Coin the 28th of February

Miami, FL, Feb. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EDAC FOUNDATION presents its ICO, taking place at PINKSALE.FINANCE on February 28Th.

Picture made by EDAC© 

EDAC FOUNDATION is proud to bring the Initial Coin Offering to PINKSALE for the first time. 

The ICO will consist of a fair launch starting the 28th 21.30 CET.

More details about the event –

The price will depend on the demand because it’s like an auction. The fair launch uses an algorithm which tends to benefit the first to subscribe tokens. 

Investors can subscribe to the tokens in PINKSALE, using the Ethereum network and wallets like Metamask or Trust wallet. 

EDAC is the tokenization of mining power. Token holders can contribute to the process of securing PoW blockchain networks while benefiting from the block rewards directly with EDAC.

How does EDAC work? 

The process is as follows: 

EDAC tokens are sold and used to buy hashrate power, i.e. through rigs. This power generates mining rewards. The net income (around 50% of all ETH rewards) is used to buyback EDAC coins, which will immediately be burnt. This constant demand and decreasing supply should impulse EDAC price to new All-Time Highs. When an ATH is reached (not before), up to a 0.5% of token supply can be sold to buy new mining capacity, conforming a virtuous circle of returns.

“EDAC is an opportunity to take advantage from the crypto mining activity, while you benefit from the Ethereum performance, and while you receive bitcoins for free in your wallet”

Alex Costin Serbanoiu – EDAC CEO

Important Links:

Website: https://edac.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edactoken 

Telegram: https://t.me/edac_io

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