Top 10 ICO Marketing Checklist in 2022

ICO marketing proves to be efficient in promoting exclusive ICO campaigns. However, it’s not a good idea to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) without a marketing strategy. Moreover, building an ICO online campaign requires you to have a good online reputation. 

Promoting an ICO requires a checklist to make it big. An ICO Marketing Checklist is a checklist of critical points and steps to fulfill in order to sell your initial coin offering successfully. 

However, because marketing is one of the most crucial and difficult aspects of any ICO launch, you will need to commit more time and effort to ensure everything goes successfully. Otherwise, you’ve just squandered months of work producing prototypes and
ideas that will never see the light of day.

Here arises a question in your mind: which are the top 10 ICO marketing checklists? Let me give you a taste of it!

Top 10 ICO Marketing Checklist

#1 The informative content of an ICO Whitepaper

A successful ICO is built on the foundation of a whitepaper. However, prior to the debut of a new project, a whitepaper is created. Moreover, it covers all you need to know about the utility token before deciding whether to invest in, buy, or use it. Also,
this comprises information about a new coin’s commercial, technological, and financial aspects in a language that anyone who isn’t an expert in the field can understand. ICO would be an extraordinary element with the Whitepaper. Here, the whitepaper should
clearly show the industry analysis, the project idea, and its future. The team should be involved and knowledgeable about the industry and specialization. 

#2 Website or Landing Page for ICO Marketing

Don’t neglect the exploration step while building a website for your ICO campaign. However, determine the current situation of the market, your key competitors, and how they promote their campaigns; do a SWOT analysis to improve your chances of accomplishing
your objective. Moreover, you can kill numerous birds with one stone if you have a reliable website.

#3 Social Media profiles

Many cryptocurrency traders spend the majority of their time on the internet. However, try to establish a presence on key social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Quora, Reddit, and Steemit, by providing concise posts, you can
keep everyone up to date on your ICO’s newest developments.

#4 Discord Marketing

Discord marketing proves to be efficient nowadays. However, when you launch your ICO, it is important to promote it on Discord, making it available for people to participate. The ICO allows people to participate in a unique fundraiser mechanism with the
help of Discord. Thanks to Discord, you have an engaged target audience in front of you and many ways to contact them. This feature will enable everyone to start participating in your ICO campaigns and make them a grand success.

#5 Blog posts

A blog post can help you increase organic traffic to your website, raise brand awareness, and provide value to the cryptocurrency community.. Furthermore, quality, not quantity, should be the focus of ICO marketing. Brainstorm with your team to see how you
can better express your message while also providing something new to the community. Discord goes viral with exclusive blog posts being posted.

#6 Influencer marketing

In the crypto realm, influencer marketing is also very popular. There are a slew of bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencers producing material for cryptocurrency fans interested in ICOs. You could give them free tokens or a percentage of the proceeds
from the ICO. Also, obtain the services of well-known individuals to advertise your ICO on channels such as YouTube. Moreover, they will be able to persuade investors to buy your tokens because they already have a significant following. Influencers have the
ability to generate interesting videos. For their services, they could be offered free tokens or a share of the revenue earned in the ICO.

#7 Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is set to be an important factor in ICO campaigns, making it a clear shot. However, it seems like the blockchain space is the only industry that doesn’t care about SEO for some strange reason. Here, it is the process of enhancing the quantity and quality
of traffic to your ICO through natural search engine results. Moreover, if you look at the most successful ICOs, you’ll notice a similar pattern in terms of traffic. Furthermore, to ensure that your traffic grows over time, you should focus more on your content
strategy and SEO. 

#8 Press releases

A press release is the best and most effective way to get the word out about your ICO project. However, top celebrities can participate in your ICO with the press release you make. Also, there are a number of high-quality websites where you may submit your
press releases for publication. Some of these sites are crypto-specific; thus, they can help you reach your target audience. However, to get the most out of your outreach, you’ll need to conduct significant market research ahead of time and cultivate strong
partnerships with top-tier websites. The key to doing it yourself is to create good material that can easily become viral.

#9 E-mail Marketing

E-mail remains one of the most widely used professional communication methods and official contact. However, copywriters may be tasked with producing snappy newsletters and sending direct messages to potential investors. Start an opt-in/sign-up campaign
to get those investors’ e-mails. To save time and effort, set up autoresponders for your e-mails. It will also guarantee prompt follow-up. E-mail marketing can help increase overall conversion rates, and the ICO becomes successful with this kind of initiative.

#10 Promote Your ICO With Paid Advertising

Paid advertising involves sending customized messages to users based on their location and demographic factors. However, Google Adwords and Bing Ads are two examples of tools that can be employed, and you can quickly generate good publicity around your ICO
project. Moreover, sponsored posts and banner adverts are two examples of paid advertising. Also, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns will improve the number of users as well as the amount of traffic to your website.

Who is the Best ICO Marketing Agency?

ICOs can be promoted with various strategies and make them successful. However, when it comes to marketing an ICO, Blockchain App Factory does a serious job. Hire them to make a mark with your ICO.


The top ICO marketing checklist is the ultimate target in your ICO. Also, make sure to follow the above checklist to market your ICO. Avail the best service from an ICO development company to make it count. The ICO marketing services they make are so reliable
and result-oriented.


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3 Ethereum Investment Strategies You Need to Know


Ethereum and Bitcoin have become household names when it comes to cryptocurrency. While they’re often mentioned in pairs, they’re far from being similar. While Bitcoin was created as an alternative, decentralized currency. Ethereum on the other has a bigger
goal. It intends to create a software platform that not only favours cryptocurrencies but any kind of decentralized application that can run without the need of a third party. Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, however, a lot of people are
still in a dilemma about how to invest their money in Ethereum or is it even a smart choice to do so. 

If you have been thinking about investing in Ethereum, then this article is your boon in disguise. So read on! 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized platform network. The Ethereum network functions like the Bitcoin network. This means that it’s built on blockchain technology. It is a digital public ledger where financial agreements can be assessed. They are then
stored by software — without any intervention of a third party. 

The easiest way to think of the Ethereum network is as a secure database that can be accessed by anyone. In this system, new blocks of data get added. Further, they’re cryptographically “chained” to the parent block, effectively creating an un-editable record
of the prior changes. Ethereum is regarded as one of the largest cryptocurrencies because ether is the second largest crypto next to bitcoin by market capitalization.

What makes Ethereum so exhilarating to users and fanatics is the network’s potential to do more than just handle financial transactions. Ethereum takes the Bitcoin blockchain further by enabling developers to operate programs (known as “smart contracts”)
that can host any aspect of decentralized applications.  (known as “dApps”). People have created and launched a variety of dApps on Ethereum, including blockchain games, marketplaces for digital art (or NFTs), and decentralized finance (Defi) apps. 

However there are some demerits to this system as well, the decentralized system can lead to more anonymity for users. In addition, it can also result in less control and censorship from third parties, including corporations and governments. 

Why Should You Invest In Ethereum?

Ethereum could be one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the years to come. It experienced explosive progress, with its price increasing by more than 1,000% over the past 12 months. (As of September 2021). While crypto prices have plunged over the
past few weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the wrong time to buy. Downturns can deliver a great alternative to invest when prices are lower. 

Keeping in mind that Ethereum is one of the higher-priced cryptocurrencies, right now may be a good time to buy when it’s “on sale.” We mean come on, when have Indians bought anything when it’s not on a sale anyway. 

Another reason why you should consider buying Ethereum during this time is that the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 could give the currency a competitive advantage.  Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will no longer accept Bitcoin as a form of
payment because of the impact that it leaves on the environment. This announcement was one of the factors behind the most recent crypto crash. As it made investors question whether cryptocurrency could prosper over the long term. 

However, Ethereum is making moves to make the technology more energy efficient. Just to get the confusion clear, Ethereum is the name of the blockchain technology, while Ether is the token that is hosted on that blockchain. Ethereum 2.0 is an updated version
of the blockchain that’s set to roll out later this year or early next year, and it claims to use 99.95% less energy than the current technology. In addition to this, the Ethereum blockchain has more real-life utility which gives it an upper hand in surviving
long term.

Investment Strategies For Investing In Ethereum 

#1 SIPs

Several financial experts suspect that after contemplating all the risks and volatility, SIP may be a preferred route for building wealth through cryptocurrencies for first-time investors. As put by Dr Vinay Asthana, Associate Professor at Alliance School
of Business in an interview with FE Online, “The key advantage of a systematic investment plan (SIP) is that the problem of timing the market is rendered irrelevant.” This makes SIP a beneficial strategy in the wake of market volatility. 

#2 Dollar Cost Averaging

This is a strategy where an investor invests the total amount of money in small increments over time instead of all at once. The goal is to take advantage of market downturns without risking too much capital at any given time.

DCA is formulated to help counteract any negative effect on an investment induced by short-term market volatility. If the price of an asset drops when you are dollar-cost averaging, then you stand to make a profit if the price moves back up. If you’re not
very well versed with cryptocurrency yet,  Dollar Cost Averaging can save you the effort of trying to time the market to get the best stock prices.

#3 Trading 

Cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements via a CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. However, this strategy requires a lot of experience and we would not recommend this
for novice investors. 

CFD trading is derivatives, which facilitate you to speculate on cryptocurrency price movements without having to take ownership of the underlying coins. Depending upon your understanding of the market. You can choose to go long (‘buy’) if you think a cryptocurrency
will rise in value, or short (‘sell’) if you think it will fall.


While investing in cryptocurrency might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it is one such industry that helps you bag huge profits if handled correctly. The above strategies can help you get started on your investment journey in the crypto industry as most of
them are considered “safe” however there or for that matter, any other blockchain-based currency is very volatile and always subject to market risk. One should always handle such investments with caution.

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Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms | Opportunities To Launch Any Project 2022

The crowdfunding concept revolves around the idea of raising funds for various reasons. The project is available on the internet and anyone can invest in it. Entrepreneurs and startups take advantage of this concept and generate early-stage support for their
ideas. This concept helped launch several incredible projects that changed the world for the better.

The blockchain industry is one of the most notable industries to experience immense growth in one year. The industry is now a lightning rod for new ideas and concepts to take off. Innovations and developments in the industry led to the rise of several types
of crowdfunding mechanisms. They are IGO, IIO, IFO, ILO, and ICO. Each type appeals to a specific niche and each one presents viable opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their projects. It also presents opportunities for investors to cash in on the latest
trend and benefit in the future.

We’ve gathered together a list of the top crowdfunding platforms for each investment opportunity. Let us look at the various crowdfunding opportunities available.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms

1. IGO Development

IGO development has several interesting projects related to blockchain gaming, gaming metaverses, and play-to-earn games. These platforms enable IGOs of project developers. The most notable ones here are


GameFi is one of the largest IGO development platforms. It was created by the company behind Red Kite Launchpad. The platform helps funds blockchain games in several ways. GameFi is among the few IGO Development launchpads where users can purchase tokens
in an IGO project and in-game assets.

GameFi organizes participation in an IGO in various ways. Here, users get access to the pools through a ticket system or by buying tokens. The ticket gives you access to the ticket pools.


Seedify is another new entrant to the IGO development scene. The platform began life in 2021 and facilitated four successful IGO projects in six months. Seedify provides additional support like project marketing and community building for the upcoming blockchain

Here, users can invest in a project with the SFUND token, the native token of the Seedify platform. A tier system determines the user’s rewards. Anyone who invests a significant amount of SFUND tokens gains a higher tier and earns more rewards.

Presently, Seedify has a nine-tier system. The first five tiers allow investment up to 250 SFUND. A lottery system is in place to oversee the token distribution process. Later tires ensure the user a share in the project. Users that advance into Tier six
can participate in private rounds and private sales.

IIO Development

IIO development or Initial Insurance Offering is a recent token model to enter the industry. Crowdfunding here uses the European trading system to send token offerings to the distributors. IIO tokens function on BSC or Binance Smart Chain. Users who register
and meet the requirements can participate in IIO development, earn tokens and exchange them for IIO tokens. Here, smart contracts store the transactions. Many businesses prefer IIO development over others as it provides greater transparency and security.


The helmet is a decentralized crypto asset insurance trading site. The platform functions on the Binance Smart Chain and leverages options for its decentralized insurance offering. It is a protocol for advanced DeFi users who have an understanding of financial
options and exposure to DeFi assets. These users are experienced in the decentralized finance industry. Users who are unfamiliar or new to decentralized finance can instead go for yield farming.

IFO Development

Initial Farm Offering or IFO development is a fundraising model where upcoming DeFi projects earn capital. These projects accomplish this by joining in pre-salves events after they are thoroughly vetted by decentralized exchanges.

IFO development is the successor to ICO development. Investors participate in pre-sales events hosted by the DEX. These investors provide the capital required for the upcoming projects.


Presently, the most common platform for IFO development is PancakeSwap. Here, users can directly benefit from the fundraising. These users can earn rewards while the project owners benefit from the liquidity pool the platform provides.

Participation in an IFO requires the user to register their profile on a decentralized exchange that supports IFO development. Next, the users stake their BNB or CAKE tokens and participate in the IFO project. Here, the users must provide liquidity for the
farming process. Participation in the IFO development event ensures the users earn various tokens as a reward.

4. ILO Development

Initial Liquidity Offering or ILO development took the crypto world by storm and many claim it to be the most popular option for the launch of new tokens. The emergence of ILO caught many by surprise and caused companies to shift to this new crowdfunding

The ILO development process is where liquidity providers receive the new token. In exchange, they contribute liquidity to the pool for the AMM to work. Investors here take risks when buying a new token and are rewarded through bonuses called yields. The
liquidity contribution is made in the form of stable coins. ILO development is an attractive option for the release of a new token. The process ensures that the token is released into an ecosystem where there is a market-ready for it.


ILOBOX is a unique all-in-one solution where experts from the relevant domains provide their insight and knowledge into the ILO development process. The combination of technical expertise and domain experience ensures the ILO development takes place without
compromising on the technology and satisfaction.

ICO Development

Initial Coin Offering or ICO development is a popular fundraising method that involves selling digital assets and raising funds. These funds go to developing and launching a blockchain-based project. Here, users can develop the ICO project individually or
through an ICO services company.

Through ICO, the user sells specific digital assets on special listings. This process helps the project grow in demand, which in turn, increases the token value. ICO development rewards investors for funding the project.

Zab Technologies

This company is a renowned blockchain development company with extensive expertise in ICO development. The company launched many successful ICO projects and helped owners boost their profits to the next phase. Zab technologies focus on ICO solutions like
Smart Contract creation, ERC token creation, ICO website creation, and Digital Wallet Development.


This company’s approach to ICO development is to divide the process into pre and post-ICO development. That way they can focus on preparation first before moving to deployment and support. The company provides digital wallet integration. Their digital wallet
supports famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and others.


The crypto space sees many new developments and improvements coming every day. Presently, crowdfunding provides ample opportunities for a business to develop and launch its blockchain-based project. They can tap into this growing demand and provide a solution
that benefits the industry as a whole. Hence, anyone looking to get into the industry can get started with one of these crowdfunding models. 

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XSpring enters 2022 with plans to turn into a comprehensive financial solutions provider

Targeting one-third market share
In 2022, XSpring will move deeper into the digital asset business via its subsidiary XSpring Digital, operator of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Portal.
The company successfully helped clients in the first issue of the real-estate backed ICO in Thailand last year and plans to be involved in the launch of four to six ICOs this year.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last year granted XSpring Digital four more licences for cryptocurrency brokerage, digital token brokerage, and dealer licences for cryptocurrency and digital token.
“These will enable the company to become Thailand’s first one-stop service provider in areas of financial and digital asset investment, as well as link Thailand to the global capital market,” Varangkana said.
The group aims for one-third of the local market share, underpinned by robust operation and strengthened by its cryptocurrency brokerage service that will tap into global liquidity.
To this end, XSpring Digital will work with Coinbase, a US-based leading digital exchange platform and digital asset custodian to create an integrated service system. The services will be available in the first quarter of this year.
At the same time, XSpring gives high value to asset management and plans to expand the business, especially in the new area of digital asset fund manager.
“XSpring expects to secure a digital asset fund manager’s licence from the SEC in the second quarter of 2022. It will then be able to offer investment opportunities via various types of investment funds to investors and to the public at large,” Varangkana said.
The licence will also allow XSpring to engage in securities brokerage, securities dealing, and securities underwriting of investment units.

Boosting investment in AMC, bidding for NPLs
AMC has high growth potential this year and XSpring plans to bid for more non-performing loans (NPLs) with a total outlay of 1 billion baht. It will jointly manage investments with Sansiri Plc, a strategic partner.
NPLs are on the rise, giving AMC a bigger role in tackling the issue of distressed assets and improving market efficiency. XSpring group’s AMC business will focus on the management of bad loans backed by collateral such as houses and condominium units.

Deploying green investment strategy
This year, XSpring foresees green investment opportunities in light of corporate and social sustainability goals. The group also expects to benefit from joint investments with large corporations in other regions and gain from knowledge sharing in such activities.
XSpring has earmarked 10 per cent of its total investment portfolio for this purpose. Recently, it has invested in Sharge Management (SHARGE), a charging service provider for electric vehicles (EV).
“SHARGE provides integrated service with its European standards equipment, ensuring user safety from the risk of high voltage. The company also offers after-sale service, managed by professionals providing optimal solutions to customers nationwide,” Varangkana explained.
“SHARGE has collaborated with real-estate companies, carmakers, shopping malls, and energy enterprises in the creation of an ecosystem covering all aspects of consumer behaviour: EV charging at home, charging stations and charging points at their travel destinations.”
XSpring has also invested in Cibus Enterprise Fund II, a venture capital fund. Recently, it established a joint venture with King of Gamers Club, a subsidiary of Kantana Group Plc, to develop mobile apps for entertainment, advertising, and related marketing activities.
This new venture awaits contract signing for the establishment of a new company with XSpring holding 61.54 per cent of total shares.
This year, XSpring is committed to all investment opportunities with high growth potential. With prudent plans for the platforms in place, designed to underpin the business foundation, combined with a team of professionals with the vision of investment opportunities in global finance, XSpring expects to see revenue exceeding 1 billion baht this year.
“Our road map for 2022 is to capitalise on our strength of “One-Stop Financial Solutions” and contribute to the ultimate goal of developing the Thai capital market as well as widening the range of investment tools to new products with high growth potential,” Varangkana said.
These will enable the XSpring Group to become an integrated traditional and digital finance service provider while allowing everyone to conveniently access finance and investment opportunities.
“It will also give people access to comprehensive investment information while building transparency and trust in the company’s ecosystem. Our executives and professional team with extensive experience and expertise will provide integrated financial services to all,” Varangkana added.

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Safeguard the assets of investors via White-label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development


Investors are putting in more money on virtual assets now.  This is due to the massive growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). With the trading volume of digital currencies reaching new heights, holders must store them safely. Are
you an aspiring entrepreneur with a keen interest in Web 3.0? Start Cryptocurrency Wallet development now.  

What are the important features of a Crypto Wallet? 

  • Support for numerous tokens – Retail and institutional traders can store digital assets safely on a Cryptocurrency wallet app. They can split their holdings into types like cryptos, DeFi tokens, stablecoins, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
    Moreover, investors can use options like send and receive while transferring funds from one wallet address to another. 

  • Real-time monitoring of portfolios – Crypto wallets operate on a self-custodial mechanism. Thus, investors have complete control over their virtual assets. They can use private keys, secret passwords, and recovery phrases for safeguarding
    their data and funds. Moreover, users receive updates about balances and transaction history. 

  • Integration with DeFi projects – Investors can access a wide variety of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms by using a

    cryptocurrency wallet app
    . Thus, they can choose options like staking, yield farming, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, and trading to increase their returns. 

         Besides that, crypto holders can become part of a powerful Decentralized Autonomous Organization             (DAO). They receive governance rights. This helps investors to vote on crucial decisions that                         influence the growth
and development of the platform. 

  • Token Swapping option – How can investors build their wealth? They can use the token swapping option on a crypto wallet app. Real-time information about prices, trading volume, and market capitalization of virtual currencies are available. 

         Consequently, numerous aggregators and market makers will collate data. Based on their portfolio               objectives, the level of liquidity, and the service fees, investors can press the exchange button after                choosing the best

  • Slippage Protection mechanism – Sometimes, extreme price swings are quite common when investors execute a large order. They can safeguard themselves from losses by clicking the Slippage Protection button. Thus, their orders get spread across
    multiple Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). 

         Users can fix a certain percentage to prevent fluctuations between the order placement and                           confirmation time. What happens when the slippage percentage is above the maximum limit set by a           trader? The token swap

  • Integrated help desk – Users can solve their problems easily by contacting the help centre. They will receive support for issues such as enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), connecting to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes), processing
    of transactions, usage of Decentralized Applications (DApps), and protection of private keys and secret passwords from hackers and phishers. 

  • Conversion tool – Investors can manage portfolios effectively by using the conversion option on a crypto wallet. Importantly, they can enter a specific amount of Wei. Later, the tool offers results about an amount of Ether (ETH). Eventually,
    users will know the gas fee to incur while initiating a transaction. 

  • Personalized dashboard – It acts as the one-stop panel for investors to manage their funds. They can connect their wallet to Web 3.0 tools, keep an eye on the inflow and outflow of funds, and also transfer coins and tokens to hardware and
    software wallets. 

  • QR code scanning mechanism – Users can process transactions in a hassle-free manner. They must sign in to the crypto wallet, enter a specific amount, and choose the crypto, DeFi token, and stablecoin to be transferred. Further, senders must
    click the QR scanning option and transfer the virtual currencies to a specific wallet address. 

  The security measures available on a Crypto Wallet are

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – When you begin White-label cryptocurrency wallet development, utmost security is essential. Investors can shield their funds by enabling two-factor authentication. Thus, one-time passwords (OTPs) are sent
    to the mobile phones of investors when they process transactions, send and withdraw cryptos and fiat currencies. 

  • Biometric authentication – Users can utilize their fingerprints for keeping their digital currencies safe. Eventually, it is a viable alternative to memorizing passwords and PINs. Moreover, investors can prevent the loss of data and funds
    by having a unique digital ID. 

  • Usage of Digital Signatures – Crypto investors can protect their assets, especially while entering private keys and initiating a transaction. Generally, messages get signed and the format for transactions is different. For instance, guidelines
    such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Platform (ECSDA), and Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman (RSA) are followed. 

         Hence a specific order is followed when users sign a transaction. It comprises details like the gas                 price, gas limit, data of the sender and the receiver’s wallet address, name of the decentralized                     application
(DApp) and the contract address.

  • Other measures – For instance, hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, and Trezor offer extra layers of protection. They contain options like an anti-tampering sticker, automatic verification of firmware signatures, the additional
    support for passphrases, shields to store financial data, ultrasound seals, protected bootloaders, and cold storage options. 

The multiple Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services are

  • Web Wallet creation – Investors can monitor their crypto portfolios by using browsers like Brave, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge. A cryptocurrency wallet development company will create wallets similar to MetaMask. Thus, holders can use
    these software wallets for storing their crypto assets, swapping tokens, and accessing data from trading platforms and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

  • Mobile Wallet development – On-the-go is the right way to describe mobile wallets. Users can download apps on their smartphones. They can access features like instant swap option, addition of credit and debit cards, integration with Point
    of Sale (PoS) machines, and real-time market updates.

  • Desktop Wallet creation – Investors can utilize their desktops and personal computers for monitoring their cryptos. They benefit from end-to-end encryption of private keys, auto-verification of all transactions, splitting of coins while
    making multi-signature wallets, and third-party plugins with crypto exchanges and DeFi projects. 

Wrapping Up

The crypto industry is growing at a faster pace now. As of today, there are 16746 digital currencies in the world. The trading volume of cryptocurrencies has also surpassed $117 billion. Want to offer economic freedom to the entire universe? Partner with
a Cryptocurrency wallet development company now. 

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