Uniglo (GLO) Built On Ethereum (ETH) Likely To Outpace Gains Of Shiba Inu (SHIB) |


Shiba Inu began its life as a dog meme coin. Today SHIB is the largest token holding among ETH whales. Even still, the price is down more than 80% from its all-time highs. At one point it was down more than 90%. What this means is that as the bear market turns, SHIB will have a lot of headwinds going against it as it has to fight to cross several psychological price resistance levels. Because of this, SHIB gains are likely to be outpaced by new projects that have no resistance levels and that will be in price discovery mode.
One such project which launches this October is Uniglo. Uniglo is an investment DAO with some unique tokenomics that greatly favor those who get on board prior to launch. The initial coin offering (ICO) is broken up into three phases. They’re currently in phase 2 which ends September 15th at which point the price will go up for the next round. When the third round closes on October 15th, any unsold tokens will be burned which could give a very nice boost to the token price before it goes onto exchanges on the 18th of October.
The mission of this project is to build up a massive treasury of digital assets that’s continually growing in value —  cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and tokenized real-world assets like gold and collectibles. To fill the coffers, 5% of every aftermarket buy and sell of GLO tokens gets raked into the treasury. So when you join the DAO (buy GLO) you make a donation to the treasury, and if you sell, you leave a donation behind. This mechanism assures that the treasury is always growing no matter the mood of the market. The more volatile the price in either direction the faster the treasury grows. Early GLO investors get to just sit back and watch the value of their stack grow along with it.
Furthermore, GLO is an eternally deflationary token. Two percent of every aftermarket transaction is automatically burned assuring that the circulating supply is always falling. Again, early investors can just sit back and watch their percentage of the treasure trove grow. A second burn mechanism is also available — if the price of the token flags the community can vote to use some profits to burn more tokens.
Between the constantly growing treasury and the constantly reducing supply of GLO tokens, this initial coin offering seems to be a no-brainer. This presale is very likely going to sell out prior to launch. Before that happens, visit the website.
The fact that Uniglo makes diversified long-term investing so simple gives this social token a real shot at being the first investment DAO to see mass adoption. If that happens, all who came before will see colossal gains. Even a small investment in the ICO could turn into a nice nest egg for retirement.
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