Your Handbook on the Digital Cultural Revolution: Quilvius Token

The Background

Despite the amazing advancements in all fields of technology there are now still constraints on the flow of information. As a result of the extensive technological and social media revolutions the world has been witnessing through the years, it has become increasingly difficult for people to be more culturally conscious.  Reading books, writing and publishing works, providing cultural services, and just overall being able to earn a living in the cultural field.

Because of the internet’s openness, pirated videos, music, and books have become available for free use to anybody who can download them. Although this condition might be positive for the consumer, the publishers, creatives, writers and everyone working in the field of communication and in the creative industries have suffered enormous financial losses.

This is how the Quilvius Token (QVIU) creators came up with the idea of launching a “cultural revolution” within the metaverse. The Quilvius platform, which is backed by the Metaverse, will be deployed as a solution that will allow both high-quality services to be supplied to the general public and authors and artist’s to monetise for their creations.

The project will encompass all aspects of the arts and culture for all knowledge-thirsty individuals.

How is Quilvius Token (QVIU) Leading the Cultural Revolution?

With a selection of millions of books available for people to access, search through, read, and enjoy, Quilvius Token (QVIU) aims at becoming the landmark for culture and knowledge within the metaverse.

With Quilvius, every member of the community will be able to reap the benefits of collective innovation, knowledge acquisition, and creative production. Everybody will be able to interact with writers, authors, and creators and access a world of knowledge and creativity for just a small fee.


Quilvius Token (QVIU) is leading the revolution. But how?

  • Quilvius Token is a non-profit organisation.
  • Quilvius Token- $QVIU commissions earned throughout project implementation will be donated to non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, and university funds that promote cultural and artistic development around the world.
  • The funds will be put aside and used to help authors who wish to publish their own books but lack the means to do so.

Quilvius Token’s ecosystem and community is made up of

  • Readers;
  • Authors;
  • Translators;
  • Investors;

The decentralised nature of the Blockchain is reflected in the ecosystem’s fair treatment of all members. The main goal of the Quilvius Token project is to build a library of publications that even anybody can access and gain from, both culturally and financially.

Every user, creator, translator and author will finally have the opportunity to share, gain and earn from their creativity, knowledge and hard work.

Investing in Presale Tokens

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) serves as the foundation for the Quilvius Metaverse project. The platform’s native token is $QVIU. The token will be used for all transactions within the Quilvius universe. Users will be able to both invest in the Quilvius Token – $QVIU and pay for goods and services in an anonymous, fast, and secure way.

The Presale

A presale of tokens takes place before an initial coin offering (ICO) is launched. A startup may conduct a presale in order to sell tokens to potential investors while the tokens are still in the process of being developed and before they are made available to consumers on the live market. This occurs to both gather extra funding for the development of the project while it is still in its very early phases and at the same time, to support the operations that will lead up to the launch of the initial coin offering (ICO). The tokens are usually offered at a lower price, which could result in greater gains for investors that decide to bet on the project early.

Quilvius Token (QVIU) will be launching, with its first ever 3-stage presale, this August 2022 and aims at expanding greatly through marketing campaigns, social media influence and listin on Coinmarketcap.com and Coingecko.


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